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Connecting Africa’s Underserved

Unlock Value Using our 60 Years of TMT Expertise In Underserved Communities

We've seen it all!

With a combined 60 years of hands-on experience in Telecoms, Media, and Technology, we’ve navigated every twist and turn in this complex and ever evolving industry.

Our special skill set? Bridging the digital divide in underserved regions across Africa with a specific passion for empowering and connecting Africa's youth.

Our team pioneered rural GSM coverage nearly two decades ago - resulting in millions connected today!

We've designed, built and deployed multi-purpose service centres in underserved communities across Africa.

And as a result, we've built a comprehensive on-the-ground network of experienced TMT contacts across Africa that we can leverage for your benefit.

What We Offer

Project Development: We’re all about laying the foundation for success, not just managing the day-to-day.

Ideation: Stage 1 is where the magic begins.

Platform Development: We help you create and lay the building blocks of your business.

Incubation: We nurture ideas into thriving enterprises.

Mentoring & Strategy: From hands-on guidance to big-picture planning.

Workshops & Public Speaking: We're happy to share our knowledge on stage or in a workshop setting.

Evangelizing: Spreading the word and building momentum for new ideas for you or with you.

Networking & Introductions: Connecting you to the right people in the right place without wasting time.

Individuation & Ideation: Creating and tailoring solutions to meet your unique challenges.

Media/PR/Corporate Communication: Crafting and delivering your message effectively.

Motivation & Tailored Events: Keeping your team inspired and engaged internally.

Reach Your Target Market

If you want to reach Africa's 40% underserved market, we can help you.

Underserved markets (rural, inner-city, peri-urban) are where we thrive and can help you develop the new, creative and tailored strategies and business models that are essential to reach the Billion underserved across the continent of Africa..

Our Approach

We leverage our extensive network to get you in front of the right people, fast. Contract and payment discussions? We aim to wrap them up in three conversations.

You've nothing to lose

Contact us and we'll show you what we've done and what we can do for you.

Try us out, an initial consultation is free.

Let’s turn our experience to your advantage…

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